How Content Optimization Enhances SEO Performance

In today’s day and age, it has become quite clear that content is king. High-quality and relevant content signals to search engines that your business or brand is worth recommending to the target audience. Thus, content can directly bolster your website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking, bolster user experience, and drive organic traffic and conversions. However, simply churning out bulk content is not enough. It is essential to optimize the content marketing process and ensure that it checks the right boxes vis-a-vis SEO. Sounds interesting? Read ahead!

What Is Content Marketing in SEO?

Simply put, SEO content marketing is a digital strategy that helps you create relevant and helpful content through which your website can gain organic traffic from search engines. Content marketing facilitates SEO by attracting more links to your website, increasing expertise, and authority and building trust for your business. According to the latest surveys, 91 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing and 72 percent of marketers opine that content marketing improves engagement. 

How Can Content Marketing Help with SEO?

The SEO and content marketing nexus is quite powerful. There are several tangible ways by which content marketing can drive SEO. These include -

  1. Better Brand Awareness

High-quality and well-optimized content improve brand awareness by familiarizing it to people who were previously unaware of your business’s existence. By creating and sharing helpful, valuable and relevant content on channels that your target audience frequently uses, you organically acquaint yourself with your company. Thus, they enter into the content marketing funnel. According to a recent research by McKinsey, when faced with an overload of choice, consumers often lean back on brands that they are familiar with. 

  1. More Traffic to the Site

Effective content marketing for brands bolsters SEO efforts and attracts traffic to the website through the help of backlinks, driving media attention and improving user experience. According to the latest surveys, content in the top 25 percent of search results drove 96 percent of organic traffic and 95 percent of page views, whereas the bottom half garnered very little aggregate traffic. 

  1. More Conversions

When you create content that speaks to your customers at each stage of the sales funnel, you can easily influence their purchase decisions. For example, releasing instructional and informative material at the start of a decision-making process might draw in new clients and establish your business as a reputable and trustworthy expert in the industry. Thus, the direct culmination is enhanced conversions. 

Now that we know how the content marketing process helps with SEO, let us check out its various pillars. 

Content Marketing Process

The process of content marketing involves certain pillars, including -

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is an integral part of the SEO content marketing process. It includes identifying popular words and phrases (keywords) that people type into search engines like Google and Yahoo. By knowing what your target audience is searching, you can focus on creating the most relevant and valuable content around those queries. 

  1. Competitor Analysis of Similar Pages

Competitor analysis is the investigation of your competitors’ content marketing activities to understand their content marketing strategies. Such analysis can help you find out which topics your competitor brands are covering that perform well, how they promote and market their products, which type of social media strategies they follow, and more. 

  1. Topic Modeling

Topic modeling is a widely used method to automatically identify themes within a text corpus and uncover latent semantic patterns depicted by the corpus.

  1. Content Marketing Strategy Development

Lastly, content marketing strategy development includes defining your content marketing goals, gauging the target audience, conducting content auditing, etc. 

SEO Content Marketing Services for Brands from Conversion Century

You can change and transform your brand’s content marketing strategy by opting for the SEO content writing services of Conversion Century. Our forte includes - 

  1. Proven Experience

We have a proven track record of providing SEO content writing services for several years.

  1. In-depth Analysis

We do not take the SEO v/s content marketing routine, and instead ensure that content, marketing, and SEO work together collaboratively for the success of your business. 

  1. Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy Development

Our detailed content marketing strategy development will ensure that the personalization requirements of your business are taken into account. 

  1. Strict Deadlines

Lastly, we stick to deadlines and they are very important to us.

So, there it was, a simple overview on how content marketing can help with SEO.