Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about crawling your website, pointing out mistakes, and making sure search engines will rank and index it properly.

What is technical SEO?

A technically optimized website helps search engines understand what your website is about. It leads to a better experience for both users and search engines. This process is invisible to the human eye but it is of huge importance when it comes to the website’s online performance.

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We use high-end tools to crawl your site and identify any current issues.

Technical SEO keeps record of any change that has been made to the website.

We make sure your site meets the most important technical requirements.

How can technical SEO help your business?

Technical SEO helps the developers structure the website in the most effective way possible.

Technical SEO helps you effectively upload pages’ content in the future.

Technical SEO helps you achieve a strong website foundation and organic growth.

Our approach


We begin by crawling each of your website’s pages with the help of our special professional tools. Based on the information, we see how your website is structured, what are your best pages and what pages are not properly working.


After carefully crawling through your website’s pages, we gather the data, analyze it, and make recommendations in the end. We focus on solving the errors with the highest SEO value and not wasting your budget on minor drawbacks.


Some of the most wide-spread problems we focus on are 404 page errors, 301 redirect mapping, canonicalization, XML sitemaps, structured data and schema markup, duplicated pages, URL structure, mixed content problems, heading structure, improper use of images and video, and many more.