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“CONVERSION CENTURY” LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) processes personal data of partners with regard to concluded contracts in accordance with the requirements and rules of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR), which applies from 25.05.2018.

In light of our commitment as your partner to ensure the highest level of protection for the personal data of our contractual parties, the company has adopted internal rules and strictly adheres to the control and security procedures during their processing.

This policy will present a complete overview of your rights with regard to the protection of collected, used, stored, archived and deleted personal data and it will identify the reasons why we need your personal data and the period for which these will be stored.

In case this policy does not answer any of your questions about the processing of personal data, you can contact us in the ways listed below.

CONVERSION CENTURY LTD., with registered address and headquarters Sofia, 27 General N. Stoletov Blvd., entrance C, fl. 8, ap. 28

Tel. +359 896 150 980


I. The personal data we collect

Personal data is any information relating to you – through which we can identify you, such as your name, personal identification number, contact details, and which country you represent. If you are our client in your personal capacity, we might process additional personal data, such as your address, bank details, information about your website and your activity related to the latter. For the visitors to our website we also monitor data, which allows us to distinguish them from one another, as well as to track their activity on the website and the use of its functionality – subscriptions for our newsletter, interacting with our chatbot, etc. Such data may be processed only if explicit grounds therefor exist in the law and if the process is subjected to certain standards of ensuring the confidentiality of such data as well as your rights.

As a controller, the company collects only a standard category of personal data concerning the representative of its partners 

In order to conclude a contract with you or another person represented by you and to fulfill our obligations thereof, we need to identify you as a party by indicating your name and personal identification number. Additionally, we will collect information about your address, telephone, email.

This personal data is necessary in order to assess whether we can conclude a contract with you as well as to fulfill our obligations thereof.

Your data is not subject to automated decision-making, including profiling.

If your personal data are provided to us for processing in accordance with assignment by third party – which is possible as an exception – all rights and obligations should be exercised before this third person, who has all the obligations and responsibilities of data processor. In these cases we are at your disposal to assist with establishing contact with this third person and exercising your rights.

II. The purposes and the period for which we collect your personal data

1. To conclude and implement a contract

Тhe Office collects, stores and processes your personal data with a view to concluding a contract and with regard to its implementation. This data is collected in the cases, when the contract is concluded personally with you, as well as when you represent another person.

Your identification is absolutely necessary not only for your designation as party or representative to the contract, but also for the maintaining of communication and performance of obligations under the latter.

In order for the company to be a diligent party to the contract and to fulfill our obligation to pay your remuneration in due time, we can collect and store your bank account data.

The company processes personal data in order to implement the contract for its duration. After the termination of the contract, the data is stored for a period of 6 years, except when the law requires them to be stored for a longer period.

2. To fulfill a legal obligation

After signing a contract, the company is responsible for its administration and registration, where necessary, before the competent state authorities. The fulfillment of our legal obligations to the National Revenue Agency and the National Social Security Institute is yet another reason for us to process our partners’ personal data.

The company uses the personal data for accounting, tax and social security purposes as well as for transferring information to the competent authorities in connection.

. According to Article 12 of the Paper and Electronic Accountancy Law, the company stores the following information: accounting records and financial statements, including documents for fiscal supervision, audit and subsequent tax inspections for a period of 10 years; all other accounting information for a period of 3 years.

3. For the protection of a legitimate interest

The collected personal data can also be used in connection with the organization of our work process, guaranteeing the functioning of our website and the protection of our rights and legitimate interests. In this regard, the data provided by you will only be used when necessary to exercise the rights of defense and to enforce liability.

4. To organize business events on grounds of legitimate interest or your consent

The collected personal data can also be used on basis of express consent on your behalf. In these cases we shall ask for your consent in writing, whereas we shall indicate the purposes for which your data shall be used.

In these cases your personal data shall be processed until you withdraw your consent or we complete the respective task.

III. How we protect your personal data and to whom we disclose it

We observe strict security procedures for the storage and disclosure of your personal data, including protection against accidental loss, destruction or damage.

We transfer your data to state authorities and institutions (NRA, NSSI, etc.) in fulfilling our legal obligations as a contractual partner for the purposes stated in this policy.

In addition, we provide data concerning the identity of our contractual partners to our accounting. Our IT support company and the law firm servicing the company also has access to the personal data stored. With respect to all our partners, we guarantee the highest standards of confidentiality, as well as the shortest response times when it comes to your rights under point IV of this policy.

IV. Your rights in connection with the processing of personal data

The company assists its partners in the exercise of their rights under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, subject to the following standards:

You have the right to:

1. Ask whether we hold specific personal data concerning you and we as your partner will inform you about this data and why we store/use it.

2. Have incorrect or inaccurate personal data rectified – in addition to the right to check what personal data is stored, in case of discrepancies found; these can be rectified at any time.

3. Have your personal data deleted – you can request the deletion or removal of personal data if there is no reason for us to continue processing it.

4. Object to the processing of your personal data – if your particular situation requires you to object to the processing, you may exercise this right at any time.

5. Request restriction of the processing of your personal data – this right allows you to ask us to discontinue the processing of a particular category of data for specific purposes.

6. Have your personal data transmitted – we will transfer your personal data to you or another person upon request if this can be done in an electronic and structured form, if there is no legitimate interest in our keeping this information and if this does not contradict our other obligations established by law.

7. Withdraw your consent – in the unusual event that you may have agreed to the collecting, processing and transfer of your personal data for a particular purpose, you can withdraw your consent to this particular type of processing at any time. Once we have received notice about the withdrawal of your consent, we will stop processing your information for the purpose you originally agreed to, unless there is another legitimate reason for this.

In order to exercise any of the above rights, please fill in and send us a form by mail or e-mail. The form can be found at the links below.


Even if you do not use the form for making your request, we will examine it provided we can identify you and understand which of the rights you wish to exercise. Please specify your contact details – email and/or phone number, in case anything within your request needs clarifying.

Your request will be handled within 1 month. If we have difficulty in meeting your request, this deadline may be extended by up to 2 months, and we will inform you of this extension within 1 month of receipt of your request.

Your request may be rejected in the following cases:

- If we cannot identify you;

- If we do not process your personal data;

- If there is a legal barrier;

- If we have a legitimate interest the importance of which justifies the rejection of your request;

- If you have submitted a large number of requests within a short period of time.

Notwithstanding all of the above, you may request information about how we store your personal data at any time. We will answer your questions promptly.

If you believe that we are violating your rights, you may file a complaint with the Commission for Personal Data Protection which oversees the processing of personal data.

Commission for Personal Data Protection

Address: 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., Sofia 1592

Call Centre - tel. 02/91-53-518

Reception – opening hours 9:00 - 17:30