SEO Audit

The SEO Audit service is about detecting potential issues that can affect organic search ranking and performance. The service examines sources that link to your site, technical problems and pages’ content optimization.

What is an SEO audit?

We audit your website and find new opportunities for your website development. We do content, technical, and link audits from a professional SEO perspective.

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SEO Audit is the process of analyzing a website to see how it relates to SEO best practices.

SEO Audit analyzes issues that are below the surface and only Google sees them.

SEO Audit can positively affect the organic traffic to your website in the long run.

How can SEO audithelp your business?

SEO Audit helps you identify and resolve issues that are hard to be noticed.

SEO Audit helps your site improve its overall SEO performance and ranking.

SEO Audit supports you with accurate and easy-to-understand data.

What does SEO аudit include?

SEO Audit consists of various processes. Their main aim is to strengthen the site’s overall SEO performance. 

Link Removal Campaign

Once we have identified the problematic sites, we contact their webmasters and request that they take down the links. This takes time, approximately 3 months but may be longer depending on your link profile. At the end of the period, we gather the links which were not removed and submit disavow files directly to Google and Bing.

Content Audit

We analyze the quality, relevance, and uniqueness of your copy and visual elements, as well as how your users interact with them. We recommend how to restructure your content, and what to develop more in order to strengthen key pages, improve the site's semantic cloud, and provide a better user experience.

Technical Audit

We analyze the discovery and indexability of your site from a technical point of view. We recommend how to fix all technical problems and take actions that help search engines crawl your site more effectively and efficiently.

Link Audit

We analyze all linking domains to your site. We build an overview of your complete link profile and identify low-quality or toxic links which may cause a Google Penguin penalty. We determine this by checking each link manually.

Our approach

Identifying current issues

We believe that this is the most important step of the SEO Audit service. When you become aware of the potential problems, you can start crafting strategies in order to improve your performance.

Crafting and Executing Strategy

After potential issues are identified, you can start working on the problem. We help you with making the right digital marketing decisions and executing strategy in order to outperform your competitors.


The SEO Audit process doesn’t end with executing strategy. We advise you to monitor your links and content once a year, so that you have an effective and efficient strategy.