Art. 1. (1) The current general terms define the conditions, under which Conversion Century Ltd., with registered address and headquarters Bulgaria, Sofia, 27 General N. Stoletov blvd., entrance C, fl. 8, ap. 28, registered at the Commercial registry of the Bulgarian Registry Agency with UIC 203901347 (referred hereinafter to as “Company”), provides service to its clients.

(2) The Company provides SEO audit, SEO optimization and other services for the purpose of commercial, professional and other economic activity on the Internet.

(3) If the services of the Company are required for personal purposes, which are not related to commercial, professional or other economic activity, the current general terms do not apply and the respective terms and conditions are negotiated expressly between the parties with regard to the specific purposes of the client.

(4) The current general terms apply also to the users of the webpage of the Company, using its functionality. For these users it shall be deemed that they accept the general terms of service after expressing their consent via the means for that upon accessing the webpage. 

Art. 2. (1) The specific services, which the Company shall provide, shall be determined in accordance with a contract, signed with the client, or with an offer made by the Company and approved by the client, including by paying a part of the agreed-upon price. 

(2) Between the parties the written form shall be deemed to be observed, if electronic messages have been exchanged between address, which have been explicitly indicated by the parties. The written form shall be deemed to be observed also in the cases when the Company has sent a contract draft, which has been explicitly or implicitly approved by the client, including by payment or providing the means for completing the offered services. 

(3) The individual agreement between the parties has precedence over the current general terms. 


Art. 3. (1) If the Company transfers copyrights or provides the right to use a work, protected by copyright, as well as any object protected by another right of intellectual property, this shall be agreed upon explicitly. 

(2) No provision in the contract between the parties, these general terms or the other photos, publications, webpage design, other data and documents, published by the Company, including at its website, shall not mean an implicit consent for the transfer of right of use or other rights over copyrighted works or other objects of intellectual property. 

(3) The Company shall reserve for itself all rights over the created content. The publication of texts and other content does not constitute a consent for re-use of these objects of intellectual property under any form. Such re-use is possible only after receiving in advance the explicit consent from the Company in writing. 

Art. 4. If the Company provides specific rights with regard to objects of intellectual property, such rights shall be indicated explicitly and the contracts shall be interpreted strictly. All rights that have not been granted explicitly shall be deemed reserved for the Company.



Art. 5. All uses of the webpage of the Company are obliged to use the provided functionalities and content in good will. 

Art. 6. (1) When the webpage provides a contact form or a way to share an opinion, the client shall be obliged to: 

1. Not violate the rules of proper conduct;

2. To not use in bad will or for the purpose of making gains for themselves or for another, respectively to cause harm to another, the options provided by the webpage;

3. To not use the options, provided by the website, to violate the rights over objects of intellectual property of third parties; 

4. To not publish personal data of themselves or of third parties; 

5. To not harm or endanger the rights or lawful interests of third parties in any way. 

(2) The Company reserves the right to review any content, which is uploaded by a user of the webpage and to delete such content in case there is doubt of violation of these general terms or harming the interests of the Company. 

Art. 7. (1) The Company shall not be liable for any content, published by third parties at its webpage.

(2) After a notice from a person, whose rights or lawful interests have been harmed by content published at the webpage, the Company shall remove it within a reasonable term.

(3) The Company shall not be liable for damages suffered by third parties, which have occurred until the moment a notice is received, or during the reasonable term after the notice. 


Art. 8. (1) Third persons can redirect or hyperlink to the website of the Company only in the following cases:

1. Government agencies acting within the scope of their authority;

2. Companies providing search engine services;

3. Companies providing information services;

4. Companies, organizing Internet directories, under the condition that the link is placed under the same terms as the links for other business, which provide similar services like the Company; 

5. Other persons, who have received the explicit consent of the Company.

(2) The Company grants its consent under p. 5 of the previous paragraph upon explicit request from the respective person and after assessment whether of the purposes and the means of the redirecting in question. The Company reserves the right to refuse consent without indicating any reasons therefor, on grounds of its business strategy. 

(3) The Company reserves the right to defend its rights and lawful interests in case of redirecting/linking to its website, as well as in case of use of its company name or other content in violation to the standards set forth in this article, including to request the removal of such content or redirection / linking. 

Art. 9. In case the website of the Company contains a link/redirect to your Website, you can request the removal of such a link/redirect. If you send us such a request and the Company has no statutory right to use the link/redirect, the latter shall be removed within a reasonable term. 


Art. 10. (1) The Company is liable only for the performance of its obligation, arising from a contract or from the law. 

(2) The publications at our website provide general information concerning our services and do not constitute advice. The Company is not liable for the application of methods and approaches, described in the respective publications, nor for damages arising therefrom. 

(3) The Company is not liable for damages, associated with content of its webpage, for which the Company was not notified that the latter harms the rights and lawful interests of third parties. Our engagement is to remove such content in reasonable term after receiving a notice. 

Art 11. (1) In the framework of a concluded contract, the Company might make recommendations, but the Client shall decide whether and to what extent to implement them.

(2) The Company’s recommendations are in accordance with the relevant rules of the respective search engines at the time of providing the recommendations. The Company shall not be liable for subsequent changes to the rules of the search engines.

(3) The Company might make recommendations for removal of links/redirects and content, found at websites of third parties. The Company shall not be liable for the execution of such recommendations, respectively for the effects of the failure to execute them. The Client under their own discretion shall decide whether to seek protection of their rights against such third parties. 

Art. 12. (1) For the performance of certain activities the Client should provide the Company with means and data for access to their website and social media profiles. In these cases the Company shall limit its activity only to the assigned services, whereas the Company shall not be liable for non-performance of activities, for which the necessary access was not provided. 

(2) Upon completion of the assigned services the Company shall be obliged to not perform any other actions via the provided access. 

(3) The deletion or change of the access data, provided to the Company, upon conclusion of the contract shall be the Client’s responsibility. 

(4) The Company shall not be liable for actions via the access data, pefromed by third parties, if the Company has not provided the data to the said third parties.  


Art. 13. (1) The Company shall not disclose any information, provided by the Client and labeled as confidential. 

(2) The Company might disclose before third parties such information in the following cases: 

1. When there is a statutory obligation to do so;

2. When the Company has obtained the preliminary explicit consent of the Client. 

(3) The Company may disclose confidential information to its employees for the purpose of performing their obligations, as well as to other third parties for the purpose of performing services assigned by the Client or to prove the lawful nature of its conduct, if the respective third persons have a corresponding obligation to maintain confidentiality. 

(4) The Client shall keep confidential all recommendations, provided by the Company. These recommendations are individually tailored for the Client and should not be disclosed before third parties, whereas paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article shall be applied respectively. 

(5) The obligation to maintain confidentiality shall bind both parties for a term of 5 years. 


Art. 14. (1) Upon termination of the contract, the fees for work that has been completed by the Company shall not be refunded. 

(2) The termination of the contract shall not affect the application of sections II – VI of these General terms. 

VIII. Miscellaneous PROVISIONS

Art. 15. (1) The current General terms are published at the website of the Company and contain all changes and additions up to the date indicated below. 

(2) The Company can change its General terms under its own discretion, whereas they amended version will apply to the respective Client, if explicitly accepted 

(3) If the amendment is not accepted by the Client, the General terms shall be applied in the last version, approved by both parties. If the performance under the previous General terms becomes impossible, the Company has the right to terminate the contract for the future.

Art. 16. The General terms shall apply in the relations between the parties from the moment of concluding the contract in accordance of art. 2, under the condition that the Company has referred to them. 

Art. 17. The invalidity of any of the provisions of the current General terms shall not result in the invalidity of the other provisions or of the General terms as a whole. 

Art. 18. (1) The Personal data provided by the Client to the Company for the performance and application of the current General terms, shall be processed and stored in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). Detailed information for the purposes and the legal grounds for the data processing; the terms of storing the data; the rights of the data subjects with regard to the data processing of their data by the Company, as well as the means for exercising them; contact details and all other information, which the General Data Protection Regulation requires to be provided to the Clients, is included in the Personal Data Protection Policy, which is accessible at the website of the Company.

(2) When a contract has been concluded the Client shall be obliged to observe the standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation with regard to personal data, provided by the Company with regard to performance of the contract. 

(3) Upon sharing personal data, each party shall guarantee that the former has been gathered lawfully and can be lawfully shared, respectively the data subject has been notified thereof.

(4) With regard to such data each party acts as data controller and has all respective obligations in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Art. 19. (1) For the matters not regulated by these General Terms, related to their application and interpretation, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply. 

(2) All disputes between the parties shall be resolved by the respective Bulgarian court. 

Date: 10th December 2022