SEO Keyword Research

The keyword research service helps your business identify the words your target customers type in search engines to find products and services related to your industry.

What is SEO Keyword Research?

The service examines online content that the Internet users search for. It is very useful for crafting and executing strategy in the long-run, as it matches the site’s content to the words customers use in online searches.

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SEO Keyword Research provides you with a valuable insight to the way customers search for a product or service.

SEO Keyword Research is also data-driven, as it speaks in numbers.

SEO Keyword Research is a great base to step on when crafting content strategy.

How can keyword research help your business?

When you understand the search queries of your target audience, you will be able to craft your website accordingly.

Once you start using the relevant keywords on your website, search engines like Google will notice it and rank you higher.

Keyword research shouldn’t be a one-time service, as consumer online searches vary within the months. Therefore, the information needs to be updated once a year.

Our approach

Identifying relevant keywords for your industry

We start with analyzing which keywords currently bring the most traffic to your site. We use the most up-to-date SEO tools for keyword research. We then discover new keyword opportunities with high potential and map them to pages on your site or suggest additional pages you might need to create.

Providing an extensive list of keywords

We create a detailed list of relevant keywords for your business. We make it comprehensible and discuss our findings with you.

Identifying your competitors’ top keywords

We also provide you with a list of keywords that your competitors rank for. This valuable insight can help you with your future performance.