Best Content Marketing Resources

Content Marketing plays an important part in search engine optimization. Through content you can communicate your messages to your audience and the search engines. Creating that content, however, is not an easy task. Content can be in many forms, written for different purposes, and in different tones and styles. Some companies struggle to understand the importance of having a content marketing strategy. To help you out, we listed our top resources when it comes to content marketing creation. Here, you will find some of the best content marketing blogs that will introduce you to the industry and help you skyrocket your company.


Hubspot has proven to be the to-go place for SEO tips and strategies over the past few years. Their blog is divided by sections – Sales, Marketing, Service, News and trends. Their content marketing blog is one of the best ones you’ll find on the web. In addition, Hubspot has a number of Ebooks, reports and other resources, which are written and generated by experts in the industry. Finally, Hubspot has free online courses and certification which will guide you through the best business practices, strategies and trends.


Moz is one of the most popular SEO tools in the industry. The company has a great blog on search engine optimization which covers the newest trends and tips. One of the articles – What is Content Marketing – is an introduction to the world of content marketing. If you don’t know anything about the industry, this is the perfect place to start. Look through the blog and find even more informative blog posts on the topic that will advance your skills.

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) aims to advance and better the practice of content marketing. The website is full of practical knowledge, tips, insights and advice from experts in the industry. You will also find the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry of content marketing forward.

IZEA’s blog

IZEA’s mission is to help marketers and creators connect. They have multiple free online resources to download about content marketing and influencer marketing. You can find ebooks, white papers, case studies, trend reports and how-to-guides. Moreover, they also maintain a blog on the latest trends and news in the industry.

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape marketing is an extensive resource for guides and news on everything about digital marketing. Their blog is divided into categories – SEO, Advertising, Consulting Business, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media, Small Business Finance and many more.

Copy Blogger

Up until now, we listed resources which cover news and trends from multiple fields in the industry. The Copy Blogger is a website that focuses only on content marketing. You can find up-to-date guides and articles, tips on writing for current events or holidays, and newest trends. According to VentureBeat “Copyblogger is the bible of content marketing.” Moreover, you can contact some of their certified writers for advice or even get premium content marketing education by signing up for a Training course.

An Ultimate Guide

If you decide that you don’t want to dwell so much on content marketing yet, and just understand the basics of it, check out the Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Content. It’s written by Ramit Sethi, who is a New York Times bestselling author and founder of His guide on content marketing is catchy, well-stylized, informative and inspiring. He has multiple other free resources on the topic that will get you motivated to boost your company through creating content.

Velocity Partners

The resources above focus on B2C interactions or your business communicating with your customers. Velocity Partners is a blog on how to create content marketing for B2B or business to business relationships. You can find a lot of interesting intakes and content marketing tips, news and case studies that will transform how you look at your business connections.


Blogs and online guides are an amazing opportunity for learning online. However, the information usually is short, synthesized and rarely fully detailed. If you decide to devote a lot of energy on content marketing for your business, we advise you to also start reading books on the topic, written by specialists in the industry. The Content Marketing Institute has an updated post on the best content marketing books for 2018 you should read. And, soon they will have a list for 2019 as well. Some of the titles are “Make Blue Ocean Shift Beyond Competing,” “Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide on Creating Customers with Word of Mouth,” and “Break the Wheel”. Only from their titles can you be assured that you will go in depth about creating quality content that will increase your company’s visibility and profits.

Our Blog

Finally, you can always find tips and news in our blog, where we post guides on content marketing, keyword research, link building, website development, search engines and more topics from the industry of digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Throughout the years of working in the industry, we’ve gathered knowledge and experience helping our clients advance their businesses. Now, we want to share this know-how with you as well! Our blog is still new, but we are aiming to post educational content every week that will help you learn more about the world of search engine optimization. Expect interesting and informative content on SEO, web development and digital marketing from our experts in the industry.


There you have it. All the resources you need to excel at content marketing are out there for you. Hopefully, one day your company’s best practices on creating content will be a great case study written by those resources.